August Wyrt Moon

The Wyrt (or Wort) moon in August is a focus on abundance of land, gratitude for the earth and life on it, and dedication to your own vitality.  Especially at this new moon (in Austin, August 2nd at 3:45pm CDT) it is a good time to dedicate to garden, harvest and health and set specific intentions around those things.

Old English and Anglo-Saxon words Wyrt or Wort applied to medicinal plants, or what we might call herbs.  You’ll notice uses that are still with us today such as the ‘wyrt’ offspring in Hypericum perforatum – St John’s Wort.

The August new moon is in Leo as a general rule.  All forms of positive vitality that bear healthy fruits may be chosen as a focus for Moon work, or made part of your celebration to this Lammas season.  This includes everything from growing out your hair, learning about gardening and ‘wortcunning’ (herbalism), sexual vitality, harvesting the metaphorical fruits of your labor, etc.

If you are dealing with things that are holding this positive process back, use the crone moon today, tonight, or tomorrow morning.  If your intention is to build, use the moon tomorrow from 3:35pm on, especially the 24 hours after.

I got a look at the Crone moon on Saturday (7/30) morning at 4:30, and again yesterday (7/31) morning around 5:30.  She was bright, and witty, occasionally dodging behind a passing cloud before coming on strong again.

The Sabian symbol for 10 degrees Leo, which is the degree of the new moon for August, 2016, is “Early morning dew greets the sunlight.”   The cool of the morning, in the weeks before Autumn.  All of life is heavy with the first rewards of Spring’s cultivation.  This is a time to be close to the Divine in whatever form speaks to you.

Also a very good time to earth yourself and begin to think about the seasonal change to come.  If you respond to seasonal changes with allergic or systemic reactions, support your health now in anticipation of those responses.  Keep good notes on things you try.  You will reap benefits if you listen to your body, the seasons, and deepen your practice by connecting with the power of the good “Wyrt.”

Take love and kinship with you.


August Wyrt Moon for 2016

Woodcut (Unknown) from Herbs and the Earth, Beston, 1935
Woodcut (Unknown) from Herbs and the Earth, Beston, 1935

(c) Donna Ryall  Planetary Hours – The Fruiting Body