Liminal Messengers – Late Summer Light

I look for liminal spaces as an anchor.  I see what has just passed and I welcome that which is about to be at hand.  I am between them, present and observing here and now. At this time of year, those spaces become part of the living almanac.  The changes seem to last only or two as shadows cast in the garden reveal a new position of the sun.

Early- to mid-August is one of those remarkable places when what I notice most is how the light is changing.  From summer solstice in June, for about six weeks, the summer light seems to range from yellow to white.  At beginning of August, the sun is a little lower and the light more golden.  This always says harvest.  It will give way to the deeper amber sun tones and feeling of darker blue light later in the month and that heralds autumn.

In my garden is too hot for roses to bud and bloom, even though they have the shade of an elder Ash tree.  There still is plenty to watch.  Hips from the earlier season’s roses are the size of a dime this year.  I’m watching for them to color.  When days grow shorter, I note that in late afternoon, so many dragonflies circle around the yard that I cannot imagine how they avoid collision.  Dragonfly happy hour.

There is a whelming amount of work to do in and out of the house at this time of year.  The heat slows everything down.  So thankful for young hands and muscles that help with vigor and good company.

Temperatures in my microclimate, here at the ‘Observatory,’ have reached 100 on a couple of days.

Rose hips swelling to ripen.
Rose hips swelling to ripen.

We expect rain and I hope that it is so.