Mercury Rx – Prescription for Pre-Autumn Review

29 August 2016

Mercury turns retrograde tomorrow through 21 September. That means that it goes direct around Autumn Equinox.

Overall, I see this Mercury Rx as a dress rehearsal for the dark of the year.

The term retrograde, used in astronomy and astrology, comes from Latin and means backward step. As always, this is an excellent time for most things that start with ‘re’ – reconsider, review, remember, respect.  All things to do with communication, mechanical matters or travel, any of the realms of Mercury, his mythology and his symbols apply.  If your going to ‘redecorate’ be sure that you ‘remeasure’ everything you plan.

Mercury is a guide but also a trickster. He wants to see if you are paying attention. Put some Saturn (shape, regulate) in what you do between now and September 21. Be present and look at details.

All of this period will be in Virgo. The sun is also in Virgo at this time. A metaphor you may want to consider is to step back into what is bright, life-giving and shines light on Virgo strengths such as details, templates.  Also shine a little guiding light into the Virgo shadows, such as the need to be perfect or to be the one who is right.

Some may want to examine family (biological or community, traditional, non-traditional and recondite) and family patterns, especially as they relate to the baggage of communication.  The concept of perfection without a regulator, such as enough can create a burden.  Over-attention to detail without structure or dedication can be aimless and drive you to the wrong distraction.

At this time, you may want to — or you may be called to — reconsider how you respond to life’s challenges to see if your decisions today are still being made because of shadows cast by family communication patters.  For those who appreciate Sabian symbols: Mercury goes retrograde at 29 Virgo, “A person gaining knowledge by reading”; direct at 14 Virgo, “A family tree.”

Do something physical to celebrate the waning Sun, like dance or move within a sense of place – your physcial being, your neighborhood, your favorite piece of land. Shake free any impediments to harvest. Breathe slowly and deeply with focus on the miracles and mysteries of being in your body at this time.

Look at this Mercury Rx as a friendly tennis match with a partner whose best moves are already known to you. Be alert and playful, and ready for his favorite maneuvers.

(c) D Ryall 2016


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