That Which Waits Within Fully-Realized Fruits

Less than two weeks until the late third of the year. If that has the ring of a holiday announcement, it is meant as such.

My community has been discussing the new moon and the eclipse.  This is a chance to be still and silent before something new begins.

01 PA Dutch Crookneck Seed Savers

I love a good threshold and Autumn has been my favorite season for at least two-thirds of my decades.  Late-August is traditionally my personal time to breathe before all that comes next.

Catch-up and keep-up was the theme in the first months of this year.  All that has gone by as if a winged thing.  Before the literal and metaphoric gleaning this is a time to be still and silent.

I mentioned to my community and to my clients that stillness and silence — alone if you dare — are underrated and actively subversive.  I’m pretty sure you have felt its invitation.  I see a lot of people who could benefit from any possible amount of quiet, motionless solitude.  Maybe before they start the car on the way to work.

But it is better in the night air.

Take a lingering and focused moment, eyes closed.  Observe whatever you hear around you.  Feel the air and take in whatever aroma wafts your way.  All that is part of knowing that you are alive.  Not online; alive.  Draw in a slow, luxurious breath.  Linger.  Allow the inevitable exhale.

Observe.  Then open your eyes.  Observe again.  Don’t sweat the details.  Just come back.

In the spirit of assume nothing but remain open to good fortune, I like to close with, “And it turned out even better than I could have imagined.”  When I step back into my life, it is usually a moving sidewalk.  I am sovereign and I advance equal terms as I put a foot forward.

On the other side of Autumn, I will work with the  mysteries of transformative Winter.

[Text (c) Donna Ellis 2017   Share only with permission and credit.]