Germination of the New Moon

Your instinct or intuition may tell you it is time for new things, or ask you to be aware of a change in your path.  Intuition may be a familiar companion for you. If not, it is possible to cultivate.  Once you connect to intuition, stay in tune.  It can serve you your whole life.  A Scorpio moon, just growing a new form, is a good time to go deep and ask for connection.
Yesterday’s new moon was exact in Libra. Today it has moved quickly into Scorpio. On Thursday, your emotions felt in-tune or balanced, even refined. A good day for light-duty socializing or one-to-one companionship. This morning, you woke up with the urge to dig deeper into your desires, really get to the bottom of things before you make another move.  With the newly formed moon in Scorpio, ask your intuition to join you.Feelings and moods deepen and intensify today, ask your instincts to help you sort them out.  Be willing to put them all on the table in the private space of your mind and heart.  Expose them to the considerations of your most important and cultivated desires.  Which of these is just a desire, and which is a desire born of deep dedication?It may take a while to learn to feel and to trust the seed of new possibility germinating in you.

So that compulsion does not give way to obsession, ground what you desire to grow in the image of something that germinates deep within another form.  A seed gives rise to some form of life. It may be delicate and beautiful blossom, a nourishing plant, or a tree that will take time to grow.  Put some trust in the image of the sprout then turn your mind’s eye off for a moment. Feel what it would be like to have something grow the right form just for you. The feeling of accomplishment that comes from putting the deepest part of yourself into what you offer to the world.  Sit with that feeling.

The answer doesn’t have to come right away.  Let it be an invitational meditation. Solid intention comes from a conscious dedication. To what are you dedicated?Once you reach the feeling of positive outcome, unembellished by “should,” “would,” “could,” hold that for a moment. Just be with it.  Know that by listening, by observing, you can guide yourself there.

If you are already connected to your intuition, this is a good time to ground “your own wise autonomy” with an element of the earth.  Since Scorpio is a water sign, let’s go with that.

With the knowledge that you are a conduit of heaven and earth, take a moment to connect your energy to the elements. A fully dedicated sip of water will suffice.

“Watch a hundred year old tree breathe. Thank the tree in your mind for showing us how to grow and stay.”       Yoko Ono

Image by Ju Lian (1828-1904)

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