Final Mercury Retrograde of 2017

Mercury’s final retrograde of 2017 begins in just a few days. Once Mercury stations it is not the best time to make travel plans, purchase or repair mechanical things, sign documents, settle or arrange criteria for critical communications. Take care of this
as far in advance of December 3rd as possible.From Earth, planets only appear to go backward, but do not physically reverse their orbit.The term retrograde has its origin in Latin retrogradus, to ‘step back.’ Retrograde is a good time for internal work.  Reconsider, reconcile, reflect, review. Mercury is a trickster, so if you think you can add repair to that list, and it is a mechancial object, it may take more than one try.If you’ve never observed the effects of Mercury retrograde in your life, here’s one story of how it has played out for me when a bought a car about thirty years ago.  I found a car from a reputable manufacturer at a really good price.  Although I made arrangments in advance, paperwork was to be signed as Mercury began to back up.  I went with the flow.  The car itself was sound. In fact, it went on to enjoy at least two more owners after me. The problem was with the dealership. They were trying to chisel me on the terms.  I went back three times to have them redo the paperwork before they  gave me the promised loan parameters.  Of course,  I had gotten those terms in writing before Mercury stationed.Mercury stations retrograde at about 2:30 am EST on December 3 (29 Sagittarius) and goes direct at about 7:50 pm EST on December 22 (13 Sagittarius).  Mercury stations retrograde at 29 Sagittarius. This means Mercury will be going over galactic center.Sky geek aside: in 1932, galactic center was accidently discovered by a telephone engineer searching for the source of static on overseas telephone lines.  A black hole was the cause.

Mercury does this dance three times a year.  Be observant and see what happens for you.  Keep notes, and learn to work with it.  What would you do if you were not aware of this phenomenon?