Total Lunar Eclipse – January 31

This Wednesday, January 31, we will have a Total Lunar Eclipse.  For visibility options customized for your city/state, see the eclipse map through the link below (
Technical info based on CST (Austin, TX):  Around dawn on Wednesday, at the time of the Full Moon, the Earth will pass between the rising Sun and setting Moon, causing the Full Moon to appear dark/dark red.
Energetic: Use the coming days and hours to identify your personal best use of this powerful energetic. Here’s a starter metaphor. The Earth (us) is sitting between the King (Sun) and the Goddess (Moon). As she sets, the Moon has our full attention because she is not able to reflect the Sun. What might you ask her to take with her as she sets? What would you like to send to compost in the Moon’s darkness. As you consider the Sun’s rising light, he is not able to illuminate the Moon because we are there.  At this time, what in your life would you like to put in the strong light of day, see nourished, or have energized by the brilliance and activation of the Sun?  Perhaps what you have in mind has been percolating since about August of 2017?
The Moon is full, according to the almanacs, at 7:27 CST. According to my astrological calculations, the Moon and Sun are exactly opposite each other, with us in between, from 7:25 to 7:28am CST on Wednesday morning.

At the exact moment of sunrise and moonset, the Sun and Ascendant (horizon) are 11 Aquarius. The full Moon is exact at 11 Leo, as she sets. If you have planets or angles at either of those degrees, this may be a particularly powerful time for you.

The polarity of life force is evident in the amalgam of energies around dawn on this day.

As she sets in the west, the Moon is conjunct nurturing Ceres, both in fiery, fixed Leo.  You may respond to this combination as healing heat, steam that drives emotion or passion, or as a welcome rest in the shade after too much light.

As he rises in the east, the Sun is emerging from a month-long visit with Venus. The two met in Capricorn, and crossed over to Aquarius together about ten days ago.  This may have felt like a shift from stability to sudden change, or a welcome change from isolation to awakening.

Notice what happens, even if you don’t actively participate.

In two weeks, the Moon will pass between the Earth and the Sun for a partial solar eclipse on February 15.

Photo by NASA