The Moon is Unsupervised

Today is a great day to learn about the Void of Course Moon. This one lasts all day.

Here’s a little bit about why the Moon goes “void,” and how to experiment with it.

Astrologers are highly concerned with the aspects made by one planet to another. (For this purpose, “planets” are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, as well as luminaries, the Sun and Moon.) On the stage play of the sky story, planets are like actors, the signs are how they work their character, houses of the chart would be realm with which their character is primarily associated, and the aspects (geometric angles) are the type of dialogue each has with the other.

The Moon, which speaks to our feelings, moods, and the environment we need, moves fastest of them all. When she has made her last aspect to another planet before changing signs, we call that “void of course.” She is, therefore, not in dialogue with any other heavenly body.

Right now, she is void of course. Her next aspect will occur when she makes her ingress to Capricorn, and trines Uranus, at 4:27 am (CDT in US) on the 31st. This is an especially long period for her to sail alone. However, she is not hiding; she has just gone full.

What does it mean?

Some use this time as a mini Mercury Rx. Moon does not have to do with mechanical or travel matters, but when void, there is the potential for documents and correspondence to be affected. A document signed now may need to be signed again because an error may be found. Yoko Ono is said to deliberately use void of course moons to sign documents with business people because mistakes and misdeeds could be exposed at that time. More power to her for being so observant about her own patterns.

Astrologers, on the other hand, primarily find that a void moon means that correspondence undertaken at that time will get lost in the email pile or maybe the mailroom. If it is important, wait until the Moon again makes an aspect before you issue that important written statement or finalize a proposal or contract draft.

This is one of those YMMV (your mileage may vary) things. I caution against obsession with this. Astrology should be about road conditions, not about avoiding the journey. Some things are meant to be the way they are meant to be. It may not have anything to do with you, even if you are involved. Many times we participate in our path by participaing in the path of others.

A heathy experiement would be to observe. Don’t forget that the result of the correspondence or document may shift in the future. In other words, it may seem that someone will accept an important contract, but down the line, something comes up and the agreement needs to be redrawn, or even withdrawn. In essence, the feeling or environment (Moon) changes, and so may the matter itself.

What is the Void Moon good for? For today, still in Sagittarius, lite duty fun without expectation is one good use. Or physical exercise — horseplay. Homekeeping, laundry, and cleaning of closets and drawers (it’s too damn hot out anyway!) All are a wonderful ideas, if you are off or work and get to it. Don’t forget, we just had a full moon. Things have reached their peak, their full light, and 72 hrs after full, she is offically waning, or losing visible light and therefore volume to the naked eye. Then we will be on the path to diminishing those things we do not want, including habits.

Today is a good day to tidy up in advance of the weekend as much as being thankful for fullness in life, and preparing for fresh things that will be possible in the coming weeks.

When the moon does make an aspect, she will be in stable, utilitarian, long-term-thinking Capricorn. That gives astrologers another signature that indicates a good time to clean, adjust, downscale. (Silence a Saturn fear-fest faster with filing. Worried about your future? Scrub the toilet and say, “See, Saturn? I’m working, and it’s really useful.”)

If you’re at a desk today you might take a few seconds after lunch to quietly hum a happy, independent, free-floating Sagittarian tune while you tidy one or two things in front of you. (The Moon speaks to the feeling of your immediate environment.)  If you do that, or a similar task, and conclude by thanking Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) for teaching you to tidy in advance, you will have touched upon the full flavor of the next 24 hours.

On June 1st, with the Moon still in Capricorn, we’ll have some lovely aspects among Moon (moods, environment), Venus (value, connection), Jupiter (jovial and beneficial), and Neptune (dreamy, creative). Even the most Saturnian Capricorn should be pliable if we do our duty ahead of taking pleasure to close out the week.  I won’t go into the aspects, but I will give you a metaphor.  Friday could be like one of those wild, fragrant English gardens, surrounded by a border of stones.

Go with the flow and act on the positive energy this offers. Observe, and make note of events and feelings. You’ll learn a bit about working with VOC Moon.

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Woodcut (Unknown) from Herbs and the Earth, Beston, 1935