Full of the Light at the Full of the Year

At the Solstices, I like to organize a special Moon ritual.

For the dark of the year, I convene with the final dark moon before Winter Solstice as a renewal, meditation, and resting time. This is a place of darkest quiet and nourishment in preparation before the return of the light.

At Summer Solstice, I look for “the full of the moon at the full of the year,” looking to one more bright luminary to fruit out my desires for the coming harvest. This is the time when plants that provide summer foods, such as tomatoes and peppers, move in abundance from flower to fruit. The rhythm of life is bursting with energy.

Sit with this image as a metaphor for possibility in your own life. For inspiration, here is last season’s rose hips, growing, with one pushing a hint of blush. Between now and the Full Moon, find a moment to consider what you want to harvest. Let your sacred imagination guide you to what is worthy of your energetic work at this productive time in the wheel of the year. What development in your life would you like to see growing with energy toward ripening?

The time of the Full Moon is June 27, at 11:53 pm CDT in US. For greatest effect, finish your work before 10pm CDT on the 26th.

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