The Moon is Unsupervised

Today is a great day to learn about the Void of Course Moon. This one lasts all day. Here’s a little bit about why the Moon goes “void,” and how to experiment with it. Astrologers are highly concerned with the aspects made by one planet to another. (For this purpose, “planets” are Mercury, Venus, Mars, … More The Moon is Unsupervised

What Pecan Trees Know

Central Texas is due for a few more nights in the low 40s and upper 30s, but I belive we’ve seen the last hard freeze.  Pecans will not be fooled by a false spring.  Right now, buds are poised but the tender leaves are held tightly in place by protective scales. If you observe Pecan, … More What Pecan Trees Know

Dead or Dormant?

In my garden, this is the time of year when we may realize if something is dead or just dormant. The yellow arrow points to the interior of a stem that is too dry to conduct water needed to maintain a healthy plant.   We had three snowfalls this winter.  The first one took my … More Dead or Dormant?

Seasonal Special – Astrology Consult Session

HOLIDAY UPDATE Please note that I am booked about three weeks out on astrology sessions.  Because of the response, I will extend the $60 off one hour session through January 31, 2018.  Thank you for your interest.  I look forward to working with you. For the Winter Holiday rate, please use the button below the … More Seasonal Special – Astrology Consult Session

I’m in the mood for chess

The Moon, in astrology, is a highly personal luminary. It reflects our feelings, moods and emotions. Those three attributes may sound redundant but the Moon knows, and can help you understand, the subtle differences in your interior world, how you express them, and why. In your own chart, many other things can affect your mood … More I’m in the mood for chess