In the Garden

Make a private connection to the natural world through your own garden.  With typical central Texas conditions, you can grow a number of culinary, fragrant or historical plants.

Over the past forty years, I’ve made space for plants in my life on balconies, window ledges, and in my own backyard.  The process begins with an assessment of the environment available to you. Then, together, we’ll work with the three primary conditions required, and find plants that are suited to create your oasis.  Use the contact form below to request information.

Labyrinth Walks

People like Beethoven and Albert Einstein are among those who are said to have found a good walk to be critical to their creative process.  Walks can help you process life itself, and do it in a deep and creative way.

I hold space for guided labyrinth walks, suited to the time and condition in your life.  Usually held for groups of about ten, walks are designed to deliberately launch a new phase in one’s life. Examples of walks for women include life passages, such as motherhood, achievement of independence, menopause, or relaunch after years of devotion to family or caregiving. Use the form below to request information.

Small Group Drum Sessions

Some find the tone of a frame drum to be much like a heartbeat.  As the recipient of the frame drum’s sound, many experience its frequency as healing. Generally, it seemed to loosen and dislodge stored troubles, too old to remember, or recent tensions, such as a lengthy work week.

As a facilitator, I hold two kinds of drum sessions.  One is specifically as a community elder who, with other elders holds space for a younger individual or groups.  This allows participants to get in a frame of mind to rest their troubles in the presence of elders, who have been through much in life, and managed to come out on the other side.  Depending upon the number of elders who participate, that can constitute 130 to more than 700 years collective life experience.

I also facilitate group drum journey sessions.  If you are not familiar, the drum journey is experiential, and quite unique to the individuals in any given group.  It is a profoundly personal process that I can only describe as somewhere between dream state, meditation, and prayer.

In either case, we ask participants to refrain from alcohol or recreational substances in the 24 hours prior.  This allows the mind to be clear and the frequency to be uncluttered by mysteries other than your own soul’s voice.  Please use the form below to contact me for information.

Deflecting Adult-Onset Nature Deficit Disorder

I connected with the natural world early in life, but I am convinced that anyone can find a place of peace in the out of doors.  During some of the most difficult times in my own life, knowing how to join the rhythm of life in the natural world has brought my soul back to the path and restored faith and hope.

To accomplish that connection, you need to learn to observe.  This doesn’t require a remote location.  I have actually emerged from a rough patch while sitting in my car in a parking lot. No trouble required. This can bring you joy and connection to the Divine — whatever form that takes for you — in daily life.  At the same time, this can be a secular practice that reaffirms the simple joy of life.

For information on living with the seasons and basic attunement to the natural world, inquire through the contact form below.


Since I first had an astrologer draw my natal chart in 1973, I have been constant student of this beautiful and ancient symbolic language.  Like plants, I consider this a life-long study.  There is always something new to learn, and always something remarkable in the voice of a person’s life, spoken through the map of the sky at the time of their birth.

For more on my philosophy regarding astrology sessions, or to book a session, please go to my astrology page.

Life takes shape where the mysteries dwell.

Nothing is ordinary once you know its story.

To consult with me about creating your own restorative connection, please drop me a line through the form below.


All content and photos  (c) 2007-2018 Donna Ellis
Please contact me for permission to reprint or share.
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