I’m in the mood for chess

The Moon, in astrology, is a highly personal luminary. It reflects our feelings, moods and emotions. Those three attributes may sound redundant but the Moon knows, and can help you understand, the subtle differences in your interior world, how you express them, and why. In your own chart, many other things can affect your mood … More I’m in the mood for chess

Full Moon and Moonset Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – August 18

The full moon in August takes place on Thursday the 18th at 04:27 a.m. (US CDT).  At moonset, there will be a penumbral eclipse, visible in much of North America.  Although only a small amount of the lower right side of the moon will appear to be sliced away, it doesn’t restrict the effect that … More Full Moon and Moonset Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – August 18

August Wyrt Moon

The Wyrt (or Wort) moon in August is a focus on abundance of land, gratitude for the earth and life on it, and dedication to your own vitality.  Especially at this new moon (in Austin, August 2nd at 3:45pm CDT) it is a good time to dedicate to garden, harvest and health and set specific intentions … More August Wyrt Moon